rush Guide

Excited about rushing Mixed Co? Read this guide from last year, and you'll be well on your way towards having a successful audition! we'll update this page with this year's rush info later in the summer!


Your Audition

Auditions can sound daunting, but don't worry! We've got you covered. Our musical director, Jacob Miller, has put together this handy audition outline so you'll know what you're getting into. No surprises here!



We will use a variety of vocal warm-ups (and downs) to see your range. This will help us determine where your voice would best fit into our group-- also, feel free to think of this time as a personal warm-up for the rest of your audition!

Ear Training

We’ll ask you to sing back a few melodies played on piano-- trust your ear and see what you can do!

(Edit: NO sight reading during auditions)


You’ll have an opportunity to sing with REAL LIVE MEMBERS OF MIXED COMPANY -- please prepare the passage from "When She Loved Me" available for download on the right. Choose whichever of the four parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) you're most comfortable with, but make sure to take the bottom split when applicable.


Please prepare a short solo (app. 45 seconds - 1 minute) of your choosing. Pick something that will really show off your voice-- we want to hear you at your best.

Audition Checklist

Here's what you need for your audition:

NOTE: when singing "When She Loved Me," please take the BOTTOM split whenever there is one.

Important Dates

Woolsey Jam

August 28 at 10:30pm, Woolsey Hall

Dwight Jam

August 31 at 10:30pm, Dwight Hall


September 2-4 at TBD

Singing Dessert

September 8 at 8:30pm, location TBD

Bagel Bites and Game Night

September 8 at 11:30pm, the Dive (Davenport buttery)


September 9-11 at TBD

Tap Night



The Music Team

Jacob and Sofía form this year's musical leadership, and they are the ones you will interact most with during your auditions and callbacks. Check out their bios on our members page!

Here's their advice for you:

"Use your audition to show off! We want to see you at your best, so push yourself beyond where you think that might be--you'll never be penalized for trying something difficult." -- Jacob
"Sing what you love to sing, not what you think we'll like to hear. There's no one right sound or genre in Mixed Company--we might not know we love something until we hear it!" -- Sofía
Jacob Miller, JE '19 Musical Director

Jacob Miller, JE '19

Musical Director

Sofía Campoamor, MC '19 Assistant Musical Director

Sofía Campoamor, MC '19

Assistant Musical Director

Yale SGC

A cappella rush at Yale is regulated and governed by the Singing Group Council (SGC). Feel free to check out their website at, or read up on the rules of rush with last year's Rushee Guidebook here. Also, look out for more information on an SGC-run Information Session, scheduled for August 29th.