Come see Mixed Company and Doox of Yale perform in our annual family weekend concert! 
Perks include: -witnessing not one, not two, but a collective FIFTEEN new taps make their Yale a cappella debut, -shedding tears from the abundance of beautiful riffs and harmonies, -attempts at humor, -Steve Klunk's sound engineering, 
and more, probably!

There's so much new talent here that it couldn't be fit into just one set, so Mixed Co and the Doox will be doing TWO joint shows. 
Set 1: 6:30 PM
Set 2: 8:30 PM
Venue: United Church on the Green

Yale Students: FREE!!
Non-Yale Students: $5 online / $7 at the door
Adults: $10 online / $12 at the door
Priority Seating: $15 online / $20 at the door