Welcome, class of 2021!

Want to learn more about Mixed Co and a cappella rush at Yale? Feel free to read up on last year's info below, and come back in August for information about next year's audition process. If you have any questions, feel free to email your 2017 Rush Managers: Ananya Parthasarathy (ananya.parthasarathy@yale.edu), Nancy Walecki (nancy.walecki@yale.edu), and Emil Beckford (emil.beckford@yale.edu). See you next fall!





Rush can be broken down into six easy steps:

1 - Woolsey/Dwight Jams (aug. 28/31)

Rush begins at Woolsey Jam, where each group performs two songs that demonstrate their musical ability and style. The groups sing again for you at Dwight Hall Jam later that week. Immediately afterwards, you can sign up to audition for the groups of your choice.

NOTE: If you miss Dwight sign-ups but still want to rush, you can email Haley Mitchell-Adams, our Head Rush Manager, at haley.mitchell-adams@yale.edu or mixedcompanyofyale@gmail.com to schedule an audition slot.

2 - Auditions (sep. 2-4)

So you decided to rush us and signed up for an audition! Awesome! Auditions begin just a couple days after Dwight, but don't worry — they're a fun, low-key affair that helps us get to know you as a singer. For more on auditions, look through our auditions guide here.

3 - Rush Meals

At some point between auditions and callbacks, you may be invited to meet with us to grab a Rush Meal and chat. Rush Meals are a chance for us to get to know you as a person (and vice versa). Feel free to be yourself and ask us anything you want to know.

4 - Singing Dessert (sep. 8)

Mixed Company's Singing Dessert is a great opportunity for you to hear more of our repertoire--and enjoy some tasty desserts! We'll perform a full-length set with some of our favorite arrangements and help you get a head start on the freshman 15.

5 - Callbacks (Sep. 9-11)

Callbacks take place the weekend after auditions. This is your chance to show us your versatility: don't be afraid to choose a solo completely different from your audition solo! More information will come with your callback invitation.

6 - Tap Night (???)

Last but not least is Tap Night, a spectacle steeped in tradition. The date of the event is a secret, but you'll be forewarned by the large a cappella dinners in various dining halls.


To see all of our rush events, check out our Events page!

Your Rush Managers

Haley, Grant, and Ariela are your guides on this journey; they'll meet you at auditions, guide you through the rush process, and help you out with anything you need. Feel free to email them with questions about rush, Mixed Co, Yale, or life in general. Also, check out their bios here to learn more about them!

Haley Mitchell-Adams, DC '18 Head Rush Manager

Haley Mitchell-Adams, DC '18

Head Rush Manager

Grant Laster, JE '18 Rush Manager

Grant Laster, JE '18

Rush Manager

Ariela Zebede, PC '19 Rush Manager

Ariela Zebede, PC '19

Rush Manager


If you have questions, feel free to email Haley Mitchell-Adams (your Head Rush Manager) at haley.mitchell-adams@yale.edu or mixedcompanyrush@gmail.com.